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The Research Data Management toolkit for Life Sciences

Best practices and guidelines to help you make your data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable)

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Data life cycle

Start here to get an overview of research data management based on stages in the data life cycle.

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Your role

Identify your role in research data management, find data management resources relevant for you, and information to help you progress in your career path.

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Your domain

Learn about data management tasks that affect your domain or research community, and the solutions adopted to address them.

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Your tasks

Find guidelines and solutions for tackling common data management tasks.

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Tool assembly

Find concrete combinations of tools and resources assembled into an ecosystem for research data management.

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National resources

Find pointers to country specific information resources and national research data management practices.

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All tools and resources

Browse the RDMkit's catalogue of tools and resources for research data management.

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All training resources

Browse all training resources mentioned in RDMkit pages.

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We welcome contributors!

This project would not be possible without the many amazing community contributors. RDMkit is an open community project, and you are welcome to join us!

What's new?

  • New page: Ethical aspects

    - 1375

    This page gives insights about working on aspects in the management of research data that can raise ethical issues. Discover the page here.

  • New page: National resources Slovenia

    - 1280

    This page gives an insight in RDM on national level in Slovenia. Discover the page here

  • New page: National resources Cyprus

    - 1226

    This page gives an insight in RDM on national level in Cyprus. Discover the page here

For more news please visit our news page.

Upcoming events

  • Contentathon



    We would like to invite you to highlight your set of data management tools as a tool assembly in the RDMkit and describe how to use it, so others can do the same (two half days). Sign up here.

  • BioHackathon Europe



    Highlight your data management tool assembly in the RDMkit! Highlight your data management tools assembly in the RDMkit!

  • RDMkit Focus session: Machine-Readable Metadata


    Do you have experience in generating machine-readable metadata during life sciences research projects? If yes, join this focus group! Help to describe best practices on machine-readable metadata in a your task page. We are bundling our expertise on this topic in a joint discussion and writing session. For more information, please contact the

  • ELIXIR CONVERGE - RDMkit Virtual Hackathon



    Take the opportunity to revise RDMkit pages; editors will be available in two time slots to help you with it. More information on the event can be found in this document. Sign up here.

  • RDMkit Contentathon


    Monasterium, Ghent, Belgium + virtual

    As a community, we want to make sure that the RDMkit content is regularly revised, improved, and further developed for better learning of what data management entails and how it works. With that, we would like to invite current and future contributors to join us at RDMkit contentathon!

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