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Data life cycle

In the RDMkit, data can be defined as any information or materials that are collected, observed, generatared, or used during the research process. Data can take various forms, including experimental results, numerical data, text documents, images, software code, surveys, and more.

The RDMkit recognises the importance of managing data effectively through the research lifecycle, and the need to handle data in a structured, organised, and documented manner to ensure its quality, integrity, and long-term usability.

In this section, information is organised according to the stages of the research data life cycle. You will find:

  • A general description and introduction of each stage.
  • A list of the main considerations that need to be taken into account during each stage.
  • Links to training materials related to each stage.
  • Links to related data management tasks that can be performed at each stage.
  • Links to a Data Stewardship Wizard for your DMP and to step-by-step instructions to make your data FAIR.
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