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Copyright guidelines

This website aims to be unique and authoritative, but do feel free to include quotes and images from other resources if they add value to the page. Please follow the guidelines below if you do so and respect copyright.

Quoting from other resources

If you do need to quote from another resource, like a website or publication:

  • Enclose the quote within quotation marks
  • Keep the exact words
  • Link to the resource
  • Give clear credit by naming the author (if known) and the resource
  • Give the full citation for a publication.

Please do not copy the text and tweak the wording slightly. If you are not giving the exact quote, then you must express the concept in your own words. Avoid using long quotations from other resources.


It is your responsibility to make sure you have permission to use the images you put on the website.

The great majority of images on the web are copyrighted. This includes images on social media, even if they have been reposted or shared. Please make sure you have permission to use them before including them on the website, ideally in writing. If you are not sure whether you can use them, assume that you do not have permission, and contact the copyright owner.

If you are using an image with a Creative Commons license, remember you still need to attribute the creator in accordance with the license.

If you are using a stock image you have bought, or a royalty-free image, check the image license to make sure that you can use it on the RDMkit website. If you are using images provided by your institute or organisation, please also check that you can use them on this site.

You are welcome to create the images yourself, but please follow the site style guide, and bear in mind the image may be modified to better suite the style of the site. The content of the site is published under the Creative Commons 4 license.

If you think an image would be helpful to explain your content but you cannot find the right one, then create a new issue to suggest a new image.