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Website overview

Data life cycle

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Analysing analyse no description /analysing
Collecting collect no description /collecting
Planning plan no description /planning
Preserving preserve no description /preserving
Processing process no description /processing
Reusing reuse no description /reusing
Sharing share no description /sharing

Your role

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Data Steward: infrastructure IT support no description /data_steward_infrastructure
Data Steward: policy policy officer no description /data_steward_policy
Data Steward: research data manager no description /data_steward_research
Researcher researcher no description /researcher

Your domain

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Bioimaging data bioimaging data no description /bioimaging_data
Biomolecular simulation data biomol sim no description /biomolecular_simulation_data
Epitranscriptome data epitrans no description /epitranscriptome_data
Human data human data no description /human_data
Intrinsically disordered proteins IDP no description /intrinsically_disordered_proteins
Marine metagenomics marine no description /marine_metagenomics
Microbial biotechnology micro biotech no description /microbial_biotechnology
Plant sciences plants no description /plant_sciences
Proteomics proteomics no description /proteomics
Structural Bioinformatics struct bioinfo no description /structural_bioinformatics
Toxicology data toxicology data no description /toxicology_data

Your tasks

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Compliance monitoring & measurement compliance measure compliance to data management regulations and standards. /compliance_monitoring
Data analysis data analysis how to make data analysis FAIR. /data_analysis
Data brokering data brokering information on brokering data to data repositories on behalf of data producers /data_brokering
Data management plan DMP how to write a Data Management Plan (DMP). /data_management_plan
Data organisation data organisation best practices to name and organise research data. /data_organisation
Data protection data protection how to make research data compliant to GDPR. /data_protection
Data publication data publication prepare data and find repositories for publication. /data_publication
Data quality data quality ensure high quality research data. /data_quality
Data transfer transfer how to transfer data files. /data_transfer
Existing data existing data how to find and reuse existing data. /existing_data
Identifiers identifiers how to use identifiers for research data. /identifiers
Licensing licensing how to license research data. /licensing
Machine actionability machine actionability how to make machine-actionable (meta)data. /machine_actionability
Documentation and metadata metadata how to document and describe your data. /metadata_management
Sensitive data sensitive how to identify different research data types. /sensitive_data
Data storage storage how to find appropriate storage solutions. /storage

Tool assembly

title page_id description url
COVID-19 Data Portal Covid-19 The COVID-19 Data Portal brings together relevant datasets for sharing and analysis to accelerate coronavirus research. /covid19_data_portal
CSC CSC The Center of Science (CSC) provides high-quality ICT expert services for researchers in Finland and their collaborators. /csc_assembly
IFB IFB The French Bioinformatics Institute (IFB) offers IT infrastructure and bioinformatics expertise to support researchers in Life Sciences. /ifb_assembly
Marine Metagenomics marine assembly The Marine Metagenomics tool assembly aims to provide a comprehensive data management toolkit of marine genomics researchers in Norway. /marine_metagenomics_assembly
NeLS NeLS NeLS provides the necessary tools for data management aimed for researchers in Norway and their collaborators. /nels_assembly
OMERO ome OMERO is a software platform for managing, sharing and analysing images data. /omero_assembly
Plant Genomics plant geno assembly Tool assembly for managing plant genomic data. /plant_genomics_assembly
TransMed transmed TransMed from ELIXIR Luxembourg supports projects in Translational Biomedicine for clinical and translational projects. /transmed_assembly
TSD TSD The Sensitive Data Service (TSD) provides a platform to store, compute and analyse research sensitive data in compliance with Norwegian regulations regarding individuals’ privacy. /tsd_assembly
XNAT-PIC XNAT-PIC XNAT for Preclinical Imaging Centers (XNAT-PIC) is a of set of tools to store, process and share preclinical imaging studies built on top of the XNAT imaging informatics platform. /xnat_pic_assembly

National resources

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