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National resources: Czech Republic


An overview of data management services provided by the ELIXIR Czech Republic can be found on the ELIXIR Czech Republic website. Details about national guidelines, tools and services can be found as RDM services.


In line with European funders, Czech research funders are asking for Data Management Plans (DMP) and support Open Science. Consult the funders’ webpage and their policy about data management and Open Science.

Tools and resources

Tailored to users in Czech Republic

Developed and/or deployed by institutions and organisations in Czech Republic.

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Resource Description Related pages Registry
Galaxy MetaCentrum

Galaxy MetaCentrum is a Galaxy instance managed by the Czech ELIXIR node and e-INFRA. It provides extra support for RepeatExplorer tool for plant genomic analysis.

Researcher Data analysis Tool info
e-INFRA CZ (Supercomputing and Data Services)

e-INFRA CZ provides integrated high-performance research computing/data storage environment, providing world-class services to government, industry, and researchers. It also cooperates with European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) implementation in the Czech Republic.

Data Steward Research Software Engi... Data analysis Data storage

CESNET-hosted ownCloud is a 100 GB cloud storage freely available for Czech scientists to manage their data from any research projects.

Researcher Research Software Engi... Data storage Data organisation
Czech National Repository

National Repository (NR) is a service provided to the scientific and research communities in the Czech Republic to store their generated research data together with persistent DOI identifier. NR service is currently under the pilot program.

Researcher Data Steward Research Software Engi... Data storage Existing data Identifiers Data management plan

Czech Republic contributes to

Institutions and organisations in Czech Republic are actively involved in the development of the following tools and resources.

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Open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. Whether on the free public server or your own instance, you can perform, reproduce, and share complete analyses.

Marine Metagenomics Single-cell sequencing Data analysis Data provenance Data storage Tool info Training
Data Stewardship Wizard

Publicly available online tool for composing smart data management plans

CSC FAIRtracks Plant Genomics Plant Phenomics Plant sciences Data management plan GDPR compliance Tool info Training

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