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National resources: United Kingdom


This page provides an overview of the data management resources in the UK. The target audience is the scientific community in the life sciences and collaborators.

Funder policies, guidelines and data management plan (DMP) templates

National policies and recommendations for research data

  • UK Data Protection Act (2018)
  • The Five Safes framework enabling data services to provide safe research access to data
  • Review into how the efficient and safe use of health data for research and analysis can benefit patients and the healthcare sector

National and domain-specific infrastructures/bodies

  • NHS Research Scotland: Scotland Data Safe Haven programme
  • SAIL Databank: UK Secure eResearch Platform in Wales
  • Genomics England: The Research Environment
  • NHS England: Trusted Research Environment service
  • Health Data Research Innovation Gateway Search engine/portal to discover and access UK health-related datasets, and any associated health data resources such as tools, projects, and publications
  • UK Data Service Secure Lab providing controlled access to sensitive and confidential data
  • Data Service Learning Hub National research infrastructure for curating/accessing social science data. Learning hub contains training to enhance data skills, including research data management
  • UK Reproducibility Network UKRN National peer-led consortium to promote robust research, training activities, and best practice to ensure reproducible research. It works with external stakeholders (e.g. funding bodies, educational organisations and national/international services) across all disciplines
  • Digital Curation Centre Organisation offering a range of services to assist UK institutions in digital curation and data management
  • The Safepod Network providing approved researchers with access to sensitive data
  • UK Biobank large-scale biomedical database and research resource
  • CLIMB-BIG-DATA project providing cloud infrastructure and storage for big data microbial bioinformatics
  • NERC EDS (Natural Environment Research Council Environmental Data Service) providing data stewardship services for environmental data
  • UK Data Archive collection of social, economic and population data

Tools and resources

Tailored to users in United Kingdom

Developed and/or deployed by institutions and organisations in United Kingdom.

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Resource Description Related pages Registry

DMPonline is a web-based tool that supports researchers to develop data management and sharing plans. It contains the latest funder templates and best practice guidelines to support users to create good quality DMPs.

Data Steward: research Researcher Data management plan
CyVerse UK

The CyVerse Data Store is a cloud-based storage space, accessible via the CyVerse Discovery Environment (DE), a virtual bioinformatics lab workbench, and developer APIs such as the AGAVE API. In the DE, users can share datasets and tools to analyse data with as many or as few people as they wish.

Data Steward: research Researcher Documentation and metadata
Jisc Research data management toolkit

Guidance on the research data lifecycle that signposts resources from a wide range of organisations and websites.

Data Steward: research Researcher Documentation and metadata

Linked data schemas for the fields of agriculture, food, agri-business, plant biology.

Data Steward: research Researcher Documentation and metadata

InterMine integrates heterogenous data sources, making it easy to query and analyse data.

Data Steward: research Researcher Documentation and metadata

United Kingdom contributes to

Institutions and organisations in United Kingdom are actively involved in the development of the following tools and resources.

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Resource Description Related pages Registry

WorkflowHub is a registry for describing, sharing and publishing scientific computational workflows.

Data publication Data Steward: research Researcher Tool info Standards/Databases

A data Management Platform for organising, sharing and publishing research datasets, models, protocols, samples, publications and other research outcomes.

Data storage Data Steward: infrastructure NeLS Microbial biotechnology IFB Machine actionability Tool info Training

Portal for scientists to broker more easily rich metadata alongside data to public repos.

Documentation and metadata Researcher Plant sciences Machine actionability Tool info Standards/Databases