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National resources: France


This is an overview of research data management resources in France. These resources are accessible for researchers in France and to their collaborators.

The french governement has set up the “Committee for Open Science” that mobilises education and research stakeholders to support the implementation of National Open Science Policy. The second national plan for open science has been released in 2021.


Examples of funders with Data Management Policies:


In December 2021 the government passed a law about scientific integrity that includes many aspects of open science and research data management. In 2016, a law for a “digital republic” was passed to promote the circulation of data and knowledge through the opening of public data, the creation of a public data service and free access to public research documents.

Domain-specific infrastructures/resources

  • RDA-France is a subsection of RDA dedicated to the activities, news and events of the RDA French Node.

  • Recherche Data Gouv is a national federated research data platform that will be available in the first quarter of 2022.

  • HAL is an open archive where authors can deposit scholarly documents from all academic fields.

  • Software Heritage goal is to collect and preserve software in source code form bu harvesting public code repositories.

  • DORANum is a training resource for best practices in data management and sharing.

Tools and resources

Tailored to users in France

Developed and/or deployed by institutions and organisations in France.

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Online questionnaire for the development of data management plans - repository of DMPs.

IFB Researcher Data Steward Data management plan

France contributes to

Institutions and organisations in France are actively involved in the development of the following tools and resources.

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The open-source Phenotyping Hybrid Information System (PHIS) manages and collects data from plants phenotyping and high throughput phenotyping experiments on a day to day basis.

Plant Phenomics Training

FAIDARE is a tool allowing to search data across dinstinct databases that implemented BrAPI.

Plant Phenomics Plant sciences Tool info Training